Troupe de la Lumiére | Performances

Atelier for Costume, Accessories and Performances.

Our work is a fusion of dance and walk-acts, creating its own language, Without time and space boundaries. Members of our group are not only from different countries, they also represent different trends from the world of dance and theater. We connect dance, theater performance, aerial acrobatics and stilt acrobatics with extraordinary costume designs, masks, make-up and accessories. The "Troupe de la Lumière" is inspired by the historical model of the commedia dell'Arte and the Venetian Carnival, as well as magical and mythological Figures.

Our artists will present an impressive performance with amazing costumes, masks and artistic.Our exceptional and colorful shows create a visual experience full of magical, fascinating and poetic scenes.The "Troupe de la Lumière" is specialized in gala events inside and outdoors, festivals, street fairs, and dance productions for theater and films.Walk-acts are a form of improvisational theater between audience and actors - an interesting visual element, poetic and aesthetically. They create an interesting atmosphere, in which public and actors can interact spontaneously.Our walk-acts can also be integrated into shows.

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Contact us:

Gonzalo Oyarzún-Riveros
Mariannenplatz 2 10997 - Berlin
Tel: +49 0176 70453880
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gonzalo Oyarzún-Riveros | ATELIER:Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin, Germany | Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien | E-Mail: